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UNICARSCAN UCSI-2000 BLUETOOTH OBD2 ADAPTER BIMMERCODE – BMW (UNISCAN). The UniCarScan UCSI-2000 is a new low cost OBD-2 diagnostic interface for BMW cars and Motorbikes. The device supports all OBD-2 diagnostic protocols of all current vehicles .Best suited for PC, laptop, smartphones and tablets both with Android and iOS operating system. This tool will give you full access to the Bimmercode app for BMW cars and the Motoscan App for BMW Motorcycles. Full access to all features in Bimmercode app. Full access to all features in Motoscan app. his OBD2 adaptor is the recommended adaptor for the Apps Motoscan and Bimmercode. Lower price scan tools will have issues and will not give you the full coverage of these apps. Motoscan App gives you a full system scan tool for your BMW Motorbike that allows you to scan and clear faults, reset service indicators and many other features that you would normally need to go to the dealer for. Bimmercode App allows you to code and make changes to your BMW. This could be simple things like a new battery or adjusting the driving lights. Other Apps: Bimmerlink – www.bimmerlink.app (Diagnostics, DPF regeneration, Battery registration and more on 2008 or newer BMW vehicles Bimmer-Tool – https://bimmer-tool.com (diagnostics DPF Regen and Service reset) UNISCAN For detail: https://superbikesupply.com.au/products/unicarscan-bluetooth-obd2-adapter-bimmercode-bmw-uniscan?_pos=1&_sid=370b79547&_ss=r All sales are final. No return or refund. Payment must be made within 24 hours. Thank you...

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