Smart ATF Gearbox Automatic Transmission Fluid Oil Exchange Flush Clean Machine

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The transmission oil will go bad after a prolonged period using of auto transmission.If you can't exchange the oil on time, it may causes the gearbox work abnormality.In the past, you need to spend more than 1 hour to disassemble multiple parts of the automatic transmission to drain the waste oil, and you didn't know how many liters oil you should add into the transmission. If you add too much or too little, the transmission may be damaged.AUTOOL ATF705 Automatic Transmission Oil Exchange Flush Cleaning Machine can exchange the oil thoroughly within 20 min and you don't need to worry about the quantity. Features:1.【Widely Application】AUTOOL ATF705 automatic transmission oil exchange machine can clean all types of automatic transmissions produced in Europe, the United States and Japan.2.【Smart Exchange 】No manual operation required, the whole process of oil change is automated and intelligent.3.【Cycle Cleaning Function】AUTOOL ATF705 automatic transmission oil exchange machine adopts the scientific method of first cleaning and then replacing during the oif change work to ensure that the transmission system is clean and the old oil is completely discharged.4.【Automatic Equal Exchange】The built-in high-precision electronic scale ensures equal exchange of new and old oil, and ensures that the automatic transmission system can return to normal state after each oil change and maintenance.5.【Identify The Oil Flow Direction Automaticllay】It is unnecessary for operators to distinguish the oil inlet and outlet pipes,and the equipment can automatically identify and change the direction of oil inlet and outlet.6.【Identify Power Polarity Automaticllay】 It can automatically identify the positive and negative poles of power supply, avoid safety accidents caused by reverse connection of power supply, and ensure the safety of operators and equipment.7. [Three Years Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance]: For damage caused by non-human factors, AUTOOL promises to resend parts for free within 3 years. For any needs, you are warmly welcomed to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP within 24 hours. • AUTOOL ATF705 Automatic Transmission Oil Exchange Flush Cleaning Machine has 3 major functions,smart exchange function,cycle cleaning function and equal exchange function. • AUTOOL ATF705 Automatic Transmission Oil Exchange Flush Cleaning Machine can Identify The Oil Flow Direction Automaticllay and Identify The Oil Flow Direction Automaticllay. •Widely...

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