Meguiars D10801 Super Degreaser- 1 Gallon

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Content: 1 x Meguiar's Detailer D10101 All Purpose Cleaner (1 Gallon) Meguiar's Air Fresheners:* Whole Air Re-Freshener - New Car Scent (G16402)* Whole Air Re-Freshener - Summer Breeze (G16602)* Whole Air Re-Freshener - Black Chrome Scent (G181302) Meguiar's Consumer products:* Gold Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner (64oz) (G7164)* Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner (16oz) (G13616)* Gold Class Leather & Vinyl Cleaner (16oz) (G18516)* Gold Class CarNauba Plus Premium Paste (G7014J)* Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating Spray (15oz) (G13815)* Headlight Coating (G17804)* Plastic Restorer Black (12oz) (G15812)* PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish (G12310)* Water Spot Remover (A3714)* ScratchX 2.0 (G10307)* Quik Scratch Eraser Kit (G190200)* Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax (16oz) (G200416)* Ultimate Quik Wax (15.2oz) (G17516)* Ultimate Liquid Wax (G18216)* Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax (G3626)* Ultimate Leather Balm Paste (G18905)* Ultimate Polish (16oz) (G19216) Meguiar's Professional Detailers:* All Purpose Cleaner (1 Gal) (D10101)* All Purpose Cleaner (1 Gal) & Bottle Kit (D10101 + Spray Bottle 32oz)* Super Degreaser (1 Gal) (D10801) * Super Degreaser (1 Gal) & Bottle Kit (D10801 + Spray Bottle 32oz)* Last Touch Spray Detailer (1 Gal) (D15501)* Last Touch Spray Detailer (1 Gal) & Bottle Kit (D15501 + Spray Bottle 32oz) Meguiar's Professional Mirror Glaze:* Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover (16oz) (M0916)* Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish (8oz) (M205)* Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant (16oz) (M2116)* Mirror Glaze Vinyl/Rubber Cleaner Conditioner (M4016)* Mirror Glaze Ultra Cut Compound (8oz) (M10508) Meguiar's Tools & Accessories:* Hi-Tech Finesse Foam Applicator Pads (W0004)* Soft Buff DA Foam Polishing Disc (DFP6)* Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel (X2000)* Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel 3 Pack (X2020)* Microfiber Wash Mitt (X3002) Description:Meguiar's Super Degreaser exceeds expectations by quickly breaking down even the toughest grease. Its fast acting, free rinsing formula prevents unsightly white residue stains while its herbal fragrance creates a pleasant work environment. For exterior use only. Features:Strong and fast acting for the toughest jobs Residue-free performance prevents unsightly white residue stains Pleasant herbal fragrance Quickly breaks down even the toughest grease Easy to use, spray on and wipe offDilution: Heavy strength 4:1 - Medium Strength 10:11 Gallon size for professional use______________________________________________________________________...

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