Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV Electric Intelligent Diagnostic Scanner VCMI Programming

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Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV Electric Intelligent Diagnostic Scanner VCMI Programming🔋[All Functions of MS Ultra + EV Diagnostics] Ultra EV adds EVs diagnostics, offline battery pack diagnostics, and high voltage system testing to Ultra's already powerful diagnostic functions. Ultra EV integrates programming, coding, intelligent diagnostics, VCMI, 40+ reset services, split screen, and multi-tasking operation, making the scan tool undoubtedly the diagnostic solution for electric vehicles. Ultra EV makes diagnostics for EVs such as Tesla, BMW, and VW no longer a challenge.🔋[High-Voltage Diagnostics + Offline Battery Pack Diagnostics] High-voltage system diagnostics allow for reading/ clearing codes and displaying the SOC, SOH, voltage, and battery pack status with one click, helping locate the fault. EV provides a high-voltage system block diagram, parts diagram, plug-in diagram, disassembly guide, etc., making operation easier. The scan tool also provides offline battery package diagnostics to ensure the efficient completion of each battery installation.🔋[ECU Coding & Programming, Support More OE Software] The advanced scanner MaxiSys Ultra supports ECU programming. Technicians can download the latest software to update ECUs or program new ECUs. Online coding enables coding data for modules and changing parameters to customize hidden functions or disable annoying settings. Ultra EV supports CAN-FD, DoIP bus protocol; D-PDU, J2534, and RP1210 three major diagnostic standards fastening diagnostic speed and covering more models.🔋[Autel Ultra EV: Multi-use, 5-in-1 VCMI] The VCMI device comes along with the scan tool Ultra EV is designed with five functions: a multimeter, oscilloscope, waveform generator, and OBDII CAN Bus Check. The device allows measurement and display of parameters such as voltage, resistance, current, signal frequency, and voltage-time characteristic of the signal. Autel scanner Ultra EV perfectly integrates five powerful devices into one, saving you effort and thousands of bucks.🔋[One-Stop Intelligent Diagnostics, Quick and Accurate] Autel Ultra EV has specialist capabilities that help technicians repair work with less effort: Repair Assist leads the user to proper repairs. DTC Analysis provides repair assistance information. Repair Tips details the steps of determining and clearing faults. Relevant Cases offers reference. Topology diagrams show the network between modules to quickly locate problems; provide solutions and step-by-s...

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  • Price :     $4,599
  • Time Left: 11 h, 40 min (Feb 8, 2023 16:20:39 UTC)
  • Model: Maxisys Ultra Ev
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Location: Perth Amboy, New Jersey

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