500ML Ceramic Car Coating Nano Liquid Glass Polishing Paint Hardness Polish Wax

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Features:1. Shiny as New: Greatly improves the brightness of the paint surface, with a brightness of over 90% after use.2. Lubrication like jade: Nano inorganic oxides are spherical particles with a diameter of about 20mm, and the paint surface is smooth like jade after construction.3. Anti fouling and easy cleaning: nano inorganic compound components can penetrate into the paint surface and form a dense protective film from inside to outside. Bacteria and impurities cannot survive. Dirt adheres through the coating film, which is easy to clean and will not damage the paint surface.4. Super hardness: coated nanoparticles have the same composition as natural crystals, and have extremely high hardness and wear resistance.5. Prevent oxidation: The effective component of nano coating is itself oxide, which is a safe substance for the paint surface. It never oxidizes itself, unlike car wax, which can oxidize itself and harm the paint surface.6. Durable effect: Using high-quality coupling agents, it has excellent adhesion to various paint materials, and can be continuously protected for over 90 days in one application.7. UV resistance: Added ultra strong UV resistant ingredients to effectively resist UV radiation and prevent paint aging.8. Acid rain resistance: The nano oxide performance is extremely stable, which can protect the car paint from acid rain and the corrosion of dead insects.9. Stable and environmentally friendly: No harmful heavy metals have been detected, and they will not decompose even at high temperatures of 1500 ℃. Specifications:Capacity: 550MLSize: 21 * 8 * 6cm Precautions:When using, avoid direct sunlight, avoid high humidity on the paint surface, and it is better to apply in a cool place;Spray this product in moderation, not too much, to avoid spraying and natural drying of the construction site; Do not drink, keep away from children;If accidentally splashed into the eyes, rinse immediately with water. If you still feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately;Store in a cool and ventilated place (0-40 ℃); It is prohibited to leave it in the carriage or trunk for a long time. Product Introduction:Nano coating is a type of car coating beauty, with a very obvious protective effect on the paint surface, which can avoid oxidation of the car paint and achieve multiple effects such as brightening, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, and UV resistance. Product List:Automotive paint coating agent * 1On Jun 6, 2023 at 23:24:02 PD...

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