3 Pack Valvoline 4-Stroke ATV/UTV SAE 10W-40 Motor Oil 1 Quart

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Product details : All-Terrain Vehicles and Utility Terrain Vehicles run hard so you can play hard. But the high RPMs and extreme operating environments can take their toll on motor oil, especially when you consider it typically has to do double-duty by lubricating both the engine and transmission. Valvoline 4-Stroke ATV/UTV 10W-40 Motor Oil is specially engineered for off-road vehicles powered by 4-Stroke engines. Formulated with premium base oils and advanced additive technology, our proprietary blend has the proper frictional properties and film strength for high running temperatures. While built-in superior wet clutch protection helps ensure maximum power transfer and smooth shifting under high torque and loads. And it helps protect against wear, deposits and oil thickening to maximize horsepower. Even more so than regular automobile motor oils. SUPERIOR ATV AND UTV ENGINE PROTECTION protecting critical internal moving parts from the wear and tear of sudden starts and stops FORMULATED TO MAXIMIZE POWER AND MINIMIZE WEAR in high-revving 4-stroke engines CLEANING AGENTS AND DISPERSANTS PREVENT DEPOSITS under severe conditions VISCOSITY IMPROVERS RESIST FILM BREAKDOWN and maintain its performance SUPERIOR WET CLUTCH PROTECTION helps ensure maximum power transfer and smooth shifting under high torque and loads....

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